120 Days

Apr 9, 2015

It’s been 120 days since my stem cell transplant. Woot!!

Recovery for me has been what I think is pretty smooth.

Becoming a neurotic germaphobe with OCD has served me well with no cold, flu or infection.

It’s been a slow and steady process, one day on (appointments and errands) then 1 day off (resting) and daily walks and exercises as instructed by my physiotherapist.

My bubble has gotten bigger and I’ve been to the movies, and out to lunch a couple of times including a girls lunch that turned into dinner. Probably shouldn’t have done that… (oops).

On the whole I try to balance things out and if I’m tired I don’t do anything at all.

As for my symptoms? They are stable and improving, while some days are better than others I’ve been lucky and not (fingers crossed) hit any road blocks. No bone pain, no sweats not even chemo lines in my nails. Touch wood.

What else? My haematologist has resigned me. While that’s technically a good thing, he’s happy with my blood work and I can continue to be monitored by my GP, I liked and trusted him and he was part of my new routine and support crew.

In saying that my immune system is still compromised so I have to be careful.

I’ve been into work for a few hours just to get my ‘feet wet’ again. It was great to get out of casual gear and into *proper* clothes for just a while. However there’s been a hurdle in my plans to return to work in may and in my absence the contract I worked on wasn’t renewed so there won’t be anything for me to go back to full time.

It’s not necessarily an open and shut case, but for now I’ll work on finishing the HSCT recovery chapter before starting another one.

So, happy 120 days to my transplant siblings; Steven, Jenny and Shohresh we’ve done great so far without illness or infection!!

Time flies,


ps: My hair is growing back, but not long enough yet for my liking to be without a wig or scarf but it’s getting there.

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