A breath of fresh air…

Nov 30, 2014

Day 6

Last night I was “sleepless on steroids”.

Due to yesterday’s infusion I was awake till 1:30am then awake again around 7:00am after being jabbed at 3:00am. Pft.

No major problem with that though, it’s not like I had to get up and had anywhere in particular to go.

I’d set the alarm at 8:30am to take my first pill of the day, one to protect my stomach. V. Important.

Breakfast of porridge then bread with butter and Vegemite.

Visits by Anastasia and Dr. Fedorenko. He was keen to see if my headache had subsided, which it had.

I asked him a few questions that included checking what my EDSS score was, he thought a 2-3. It’d thought at 4-4.5 sand so did my Aussie Neuro, it’s not an exact science and it’s not an entirely bad thing.

Your EDSS is your *Disability Score* 0 having no disability and 9+ extreme disability.

I’m thrilled to be stopping this bloody disease at where I’m at whether it be a 2 a 3 or even a four. Ultimately even perhaps going back a point or two would be a bonus.

I also asked Dr. Fedorenko for something to help me sleep after my 11:00pm stem cell simulation injection tonight. He was only too happy to oblige and I have 2 magic pills ready for the taking in the next few minutes once this post is finished.  Hurrah!!

The daily steroids have a reputation to affect one’s sleep. It’s a love / hate thing.

Morning tea arrived with some Berry Tea, that included Dog Rose – some herb that’s apparently high in antioxidants etc. It wasn’t too bad. The staple of boiled apples arrived too. They’re ok, not horrid and I’m becoming used to them.

Berry tea and boiled apple
Berry Tea and Boiled Apples

The rest of the day was smooth and event free. Not a bad thing.

My roomie’s father came in and brought Kit Kat’s. Again, not a bad thing.  

At about 4:00pm and the temperature hovering at a balmy -11c, and my fellow inmate patient Jenni and decided to rug up and break out into the hospital grounds. We only ventured as far as the chapel, but the air was clean and crisp and so lovely.

A breath of fresh air

The only issue was having one hand freeze while photos were taken as it’s impossible with gloves on.

I finally got started on watching Downton Abbey that Rachel so kindly downloaded onto hard drive for me; as well as a zillion other shows and movies. Thank you.

The day was also spattered with Skype calls and messages from family and friends and visits with other Comrades, I mean patients.  

A good day,

FSJ xoxo

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