A new normal

Dec 4, 2014

Today it seemed like a new normal had emerged.

Regular infusions and visits from Dr. Fedorenko and Anastasia.

I wash a few smalls and wait for the onslaught of food to arrive in whatever manner it may be – soup, porridge, boiled apples or treats brought in by various family members.

The injections to stimulate my bone marrow to release my stem cells for harvesting aren’t causing to much trouble.

I also spent some time in the corridor doing laps to keep mobile and my muscles working. Go me.

However one irk arose yesterday, and all meant well, but i had been given some medication to help things ‘get moving’ if you know what I mean. Anyhow another patient / carer decided to take it out of my room when I was sleeping. Some say I was asked, but I have no recollection of being disturbed, awoke or asked in the mid afternoon while I was having a rest.

I’m still a little irked, but I’ve tried to let it blow over now. I just think it’s a critical thing to have respect for ones property let alone medication that’s been prescribed to by another’s doctor.

That’s my little rant, hopefully the last. I understand we’re all in this together but it’s a little more than boarding school.

After the disturbance and another round of stimulation shots, I did sleep well. The glass is half full.

A good day,


PS Happy birthday mum, sorry i couldn’t be with you but I hope you enjoyed your day even from opposite sides of the world. Thank you and happy birthday. xoxo

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