Cavalry have arrived!!

Dec 5, 2014

Calvary have arrived and by that I mean my sister Nicole.

She has brought supplies in the form of magazines and Arnott’s Mint Slices to sustain me! And a hell of a lot of love and moral support too.

Today also saw the central line come out of my neck that was used for the stem cell extraction – of which I nailed the required minimum of 2 million. While it’s the machine that does all the actual work it’s pretty exhausting having your entire blood level from your body pumped through this amazing thing twice.

When all said and done it did it’s thing and I was feeling good and allowed a leave pass. Nicole and I of course took it slowly around the hospital ‘hood.(no one wants a broken leg) and we visited a fur consignment shop – love or loathe, fur or faux they were amazeballs. No purchases were made.

Pizza for lunch and a stop at a supermarket to pick up a few supplies for a few transplant parties that were being celebrated at 3pm.

I did a few laps off the hallways to keep things moving and then that was my day.

A good day.


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