Jan 9, 2015

Home (Mum & Dad’s): 2 Weeks Today

New Stem Cells: +29 Days

2 x Weeks back from Moscow – TLC at Mum & Dad’s.

1 x Outing (Haematologist) 

1 x Jigsaw Puzzle Complete (500 pieces)

1 x Lego Mouse (eleventy billion hours)

5 x Visitors + Family (all HAZMAT certified)

1 x Gorgeous Bracelet (Arrived by post)

2 x Lengthy, but successful calls on hold for most of the time to Centrelink 

1 x Jigsaw Puzzle Incomplete (1000 pieces)

12 x Vampire Walks (15 – 20 minute evening walks)

6 x Sets of Stairs Daily (baby steps)

2 x Seasons of Scandal (I’m now on Episode 3) #addicted

10 x Theraband Sessions (5-10 minutes)

14 x Afternoon Naps

2 x Evenings ON MY OWN when Mum & Dad went out.

33489709 (approx) x Emails deleted and unsubscribed.

4 x Tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (no more allowed)


By crash I mean, teary and tired for no “real” reason, final wash out of steroids etc…

And that’s ok, it was expected to happen, not every day is a good day.

I’ll just ride it out and tomorrow is a new day.

FSJ xoxo

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