Design is a funny word

Dec 9, 2014

Day 13

I’ve just finished watching the Steve Job’s film.
Kind of pointing, kind of poignant.

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”
Steve Jobs

After passing through my final day of chemo without incident (touch wood or Lenin or Prigov or whomever), my observance of design changed a little, or a lot.

Coming to Moscow, wasn’t part of my original design, having glass bottles feed me magic potions to kill off nasty MS retaining cells wasn’t part of how things looked to me. But with a little faith and trust in people way smarter than me I’ve digged deeper than have ever though possible.

I’ve embraces the design of strangers, the design of architecture, hospitals and operations to my ‘normal’ world and things still move for everyone. Perhaps at not a great pace, or how they *should* be – but they do still work.

I’m feeling well and rested and spent a lovely morning doing girly stuff with Nicole who’ll be leaving me tomorrow to return to Brisbane with a swathe of memorabilia and stories and memories of my many tears.

Stupid thing is that I really only tear up at the nice stuff, a nice post, email or gesture. I guess it’s modern day love.

I’ll rug up and have a little walk around the neighbourhood with her and get my last taste of contraband, and wear my NEW HAT!

I’ll be in good hands on her departure and have every faith in the design and level of depth of the people here.

I’ll also be busy moving upstairs to level three to prepare for my newly cleaned renewed and enhanced stem cells that I must master over and let them do their job. Isolation phase and hair fall out will happen some time after that. That’s one design I’m not yet getting the pitch fork out to dig deeper for just yet, but my time will come.

Everything is moving along as it should be and if Dr. Fedorenko and his team are happy so am I. I believe that my time frame is on track but i’m not counting the days yet, just trusting they system. Some people really know how this shit works.

I’m happy, safe and warm and MS has truly been hit to the curb by this chemo – I may have a remaining few side effects when all said and done or I may just actually walk drunk and need a rail,  but we just dig deeper, take it slow and change direction and have a new “Hello”.

A good day,


FSJ xoxo

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