Fatigue? What Fatigue?

May 4, 2015

Day +145

I’ve generally been a pretty social person and happy to mix and mingle, that was until MS turned up in my life.

I had to pick and choose and prioritise.

Fatigue would get the better of me and I’d need a nap at least a few times a week and I’d always be the first to leave a party, drive or go to a function or event and make an appearance then quickly, quietly depart.

Work, family and friends. I could do some but not all.

I’m still in the recovery phase, but it’s become apparent that my fatigue has significantly diminished or GONE.

I don’t seem to say no anymore, well not often anyway.

Recovery is a rollercoaster, and I still have and need rest days and I take them when needed.

However, conversations are more now like this….

“Dinner?” Yep, where when and no I’m not driving.

“Lunch?” Yep, see you there.

“Janey I’ve got to go to Sydney overnight and Jim’s got to work late and has stuffed his knee. Can you pick up Sally from school, take her to dance, pick up a few things and get dinner sorted then pick up Ben from footy?” Sure.

“Janey can you do me a favour and when you come over bring dessert for Maisie’s slumber party and give me some advice about a new frock that needs altering?” “Oh, yeah and can you come to a cocktail party at the end of May?” Yep.

“Janey a friend of a friend needs some help with some delegates that are coming to town, can you point them in the right direction and create a proposed itinerary?” Yep.

This past Saturday night I had dinner with the lovely Natalie and her husband. Nat had HSCT 6 months ago. We were joined by Lisa and Heath who are headed to Russia in the next couple of weeks.

At about 9:30pm Lisa and Heath headed home with fatigue leading the way.

Me? Nope.

I wasn’t the first to leave, I was the last.

Nat + Paul… Thanks and sorry.

It was then I really realised that the fatigue that I suffered with MS wasn’t an active part of my life anymore.

MS fatigue isn’t just tired. It’s hard to explain and harder for family and friends to understand.
It’s draining and heavy and it casts a shadow that isn’t a relief to sit under.

Today I had lunch with the kind and gorgeous Sarah and her Mum. Sarah checks in to The A.A. Maximov Department of Hematology and Cellular Therapy, National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center, Moscow in TWO weeks TODAY. MS will check in with her, but she too will be leaving it behind.

I look forward to meeting up with everyone again soon, but without MS tagging along.

FSJ xoxo

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