For the last time…

Nov 23, 2014

The last couple of weeks have been full of “for the last time” moments.

Last time with MS moments I mean.

Last day at work. With MS.

Last night in my own bed. With MS.

Last drive of my car. With MS.

Last Big Mac, Ben & Jerry’s, Pad Thai, Cheesecake etc…. With MS.

Last family dinner. With MS.

Last hug with the Schnauzer. With MS.

Last time at the Breakky Creek Pub. With MS.

Last time I hug my friends. With MS.

Last time I’m at the Trots. With MS*

Last time I have a full on chaotic fun family dinner. With MS.

Last time I have a phone call. With MS.

Last time I pay my bills online. With MS.

Last time I enjoy a Brisbane summer storm. With MS.

Last time I lock my front door. With MS.

Last time I hug my family. With MS.

Last time I pass through Customs + Immigration. With MS.

Last time I catch a flight. With MS.

Last time I arrive in Russia. With MS.

Can’t wait for all the firsts to kick in. Without MS.

J x

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