Harmony, Patience, Hope and Faith. What about Joy and Grace?

Dec 6, 2014

Post #XYZ (lost count)

I know it’s been a few days, but I’ve been waiting on all the above and the days are blurring.

I had a small meltdown yesterday, totally over the waiting game, damn Hope, Faith, Humanity and Grace et al.. and all I was just wanting my numbers to come in to prove that I’m a star and things can continue as originally and perfectly planned. Well I think that was yesterday.

I’ve had my big girl knickers on for a good length of time and wanted some answers, not tissues. Woe is me.

However, Dr. Fedorenko didn’t come in yesterday – he went to the dentist. I blamed my sister, Kate who gifted him some Dubai Dates that he apparently favours. Who knows, but he said he was fine.

I was teary and woe is me. I’d been through my morning routine of road’s, unidentifiable breakfast – turns out it’s a daily variety of porridge enhanced only by a crap load of sugar and cinnamon. Some sneaky vegemite toast never goes astray either.

Anyhoo, the ever so lovely staff came in and cared for me and brought with them the good news that my numbers were UP and ISO was to be crossed off the list. Nothing too melodramatic, but a hug from Kate (mask and gown on) and I could do some laps of the hallway and interact with other patients. My clothes came back and I could select a variety of non Karate Kid style pjs. Hooray.

The Aussie Quads that were also transplanted on the same day as me were also given their bill of health. Hooray.

So relieved.

Oh and Dr. Fedorenko’s tooth is fine too – though he never said what was to actually blame.

I spent some time Skype calling people and receiving messages too. Thank heavens for social media. Most of the time I love it, some times I loathe it, but it’s fun and helps passes the time when there’s 1 tv in your room with 4 channels, all in Russian. Makes for an interesting degree of difficulty.

Regardless, since I’ve arrived here I’ve been working on the one day at a time thing. It’s a complex thing this HSCT process. There’s no fussing it, just trust in the system. I believe sticking to that theory haas done me well so far. If you come, give it a go.

What else has been going on? I’ve been pretty much in my bubble, and I’m ok with that. I like the company of others, but can be fine entertaining myself unless some anxiety crops in and I’ve managed to keep that under control. Mostly.

Oh, one evening I had a chest pain. Just a 2-3 out of 10 – probably anxiety related, but the nurses were onto it and I was sleeping like a stuffed wombat in a matter of minutes. All obs fine and nothing to worry about.

Other things I’ve learnt? Wombats breed. In Moscow. I arrived with my primary mascot Mikhail whose been a trooper from Day 1.

Then when Kate arrived, younger pal Mikey arrived and yesterday – under a cue of tears out of the ISO phase, mum sent a wooden Christmas wombat ornament.

I kind of like having them here as a point of difference – Kangaroo’s and Koalas are familiar to the nurses, but “small furry animal” is FUNNY. Besides, they’re kinda like me. Short, stocky and have a low centre of gravity.

What else are you interested in? The rooms? The “ISO” rooms on level 3 are clean and comfortable and have everything you need.

Microwave. Possibly still powered by Chernobyl. Good for heating porridge and meals.
Bathroom. Small but clean and functional. Beware of the step. Assistance may be required for some.
Entry to the ISO suite. Luxe.
Toilet. It’s there. Heard about some rules today regarding the flush of paper. But whatever. It’s also useful for disposing of questionable foodstuffs. #justsaying
Desk / Table area. Room for laptop, condiments and eating area. Since I don’t use the TV, i draped it with a scarf made by my niece 🙂
Personal microwave, fridge and nurses’ station
Double glazed window so you can make it a little homely without causing fuss or dust.

Own ensuite, shower etc. If you have some mobility issues it may be awkward but I believe that steps are being made to remedy this. And by that I mean renovations to other floors daily between about 9am and 5pm. Seriously it’s not a problem, you just tune out to the drone of the workmanship and I haven’t cracked it once. True.

Oh, last night I had a few  ‘issues’ and spent some uncomfortable time in the facilities if you know what I mean. But oh I feel so much better now and have abs like JLO.

Even though I’m eating reasonably well for a fussy eater – sublimated by snacks, I’ve lost a few kilos which is great, and the Chemo is doing a hell of an auto Brazilian – but to no avail as there will be no sunning myself when I get home. Chemo makes one’s skin very sensitive so I’ll be sitting like a Nanna on my porch and taking late afternoon and evening strolls when I manage it.

I’ve heard of other patients already getting on their bikes and treadmills and heading out to events, but I’m going to continue on the cautious route. Slow and steady like a wombat tortoise.

Today saw me take my first post – ISO walk with Kate. It was great. Fresh air (masked up most of the time). It was highly recommended by Dr. Fedorenko. All to help with the positive attitude and outlook. We went for probably 15-20 minutes.

At a reasonable rate, not running laps around the hospital, but a good shopping rate when at the local mall.

Much of the snow had melted today, so gloves not needed. I also managed several sets of stairs.

One stair at at time, holding on to just one railing but not step by step by step, just up, up, up.

A good day.

FSJ xoxo

PS: I think I’m almost ready to start the countdown to come home, just a bit afraid to get ahead of myself. Driver is due 7pm  to the airport on Dec 25 and I’ll be flying south with Santa arriving in Brisbane on Boxing Day. Subject to change of course, but I’m hopeful.

PPS: There will be no room for MS in my luggage. FACT.

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