I saw a sign

Oct 1, 2014

I never did Brownies or Girl Guides, never learnt an instrument so I wasn’t part of a band either. I wasn’t particularly into sports and so no club there and haven’t had kids so no Mother’s Group for me.

God I sound boring and or deprived.

Since I embarked on the  HSCT  *ahem* journey I’ve joined a number of forums and chat groups and connected online with people from all over the world who’ve either had the treatment, are considering the treatment or are scheduled for the treatment.

It’s kinda nice having something in common even though I’d prefer not to, but MS is what it is and HSCT is the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Forums are funny places, there’s members that are cray cray, there’s people that are just voyers, there’s people that you know are on the same page as you and people that  just pop in and out.

I won’t name any names, and everyone is valid and valued and the information shared is priceless.

Some groups are closed or private, and that’s a good thing – they’re kind of a sanctuary where one can laugh, vent and ask a question, stupid or not. You may like the response, reaction or reply but that’s just human nature and shows that we’re real people going through real stuff with a real commonality.

To me it pretty much just proves that MS doesn’t discriminate.

I’ve now met a few people IRL (in real life) from the groups ~ you quickly find out who’s who and who you might click with in person. There’s a lot to be said for gut instinct and I think I’ve always been resonably good at reading people.

Last weekend I met up with the gorgeous and lovely Sarah who was in town for the weekend.

It was so nice to meet her, have a glass of wine and let the conversation just flow about MS, about HSCT and about The Batchelor.

While we were chatting, this little fella stopped by and we both were wowed and figured it was a sign.

A good one and it stuck around for a while.

The meaning of a dragonfly:  Dragonfly Spirit

I value the forums and chat groups and for so long I refused to be one of ‘them’ living with MS, but now I’m one of ‘them’ making friends and winning the war.

ps: 50 Days till departure!!

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