It’s showtime

Nov 25, 2014

Day #1.

I made it, I’m here at the AA Maximov Department of Haematology and Cellular Therapy, National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre. Moscow, Russia.

Started the day with a few tears but soon got myself sorted and ready to depart the hotel at 10:30am.

The hospital driver, Alexander was prompt and not unappealing to the eye.

Dad and I shared the car with another Australian and her Dad that are hear for the same treatment.

20 mins or so and we entered into the gates, did some formalities and I let Dad take care of the business side of things while we were taken to our room. Shohreh (pronounced Shooray, like Hooray but with an SH) will be sharing a room for the first week.

It’s not a bad arrangement and the room is comfortable and aside from 2 x beds, there’s an ensuite bathroom, microwave, table and chairs, a small closet and a fridge.

Lunch is served.

I met Anastasia, Dr. Fedorenko’s Assistant. Not medical assistant, more like Patient Advocate. I teared up when we met and we hugged and kind of bounced about. I’ve got to know her through emails and social media and past patients.

She is already one of my favourite people ever. She explained the process, what’s to happen and took care of some paperwork.

Next I met Dr. Fedorenko. What a star he is. Kind, warm and welcoming. I had faith in the magic that he performs, now I trust it too.

We received a few visitors that are already in treatment; Julie, Belinda and Joe.

They’re doing so well at their various stages of treatment and I find that encouraging too.

The afternoon was spent chatting to Shohreh who is more nervous than I. She isn’t part of any forums and so is a quite naive about what’s to come and isn’t as prepared as I. In explaining things as best I know them, it’s only helped me confirm that I’m on the right track to halting the progression of MS.

Oh, I almost forgot. Test 1 was completed without fuss. However stern the nurse looked, she was friendly and professional. However when she said *Relax* it was kinda hard.

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