My Mother’s Daughter

Dec 6, 2014

Day #11

My Mother’s Daughter.

The windows are open, well they’re ajar anyway.

It’s always annoyed me, my Mum’s quest for fresh air. Travelling and sharing an apartment while I was a teen and it snowing outside. I guess I’ve just grown into it and it’s like her way of being here with me now. There may be snow on the ground but I have a opened a window just the littlest bit, perhaps for her to take away from the stuffy hospital room.

Not that it’s a bad room mind you, I changed rooms after lunch today, and it possibly has less of a view. I’m not trying to be precious but more to be patient. My nearest and dearest will concur that it’s challenging for me. My temporary roomie and I became friends, it wasn’t al doom and gloom it’s just that I’m used to living alone with a Schnauzer and it made for some amusing anecdotes that she was fully aware that I was publishing.

Such challenges of independence and patience will present themselves as the recovery months unveil for me. Anyhooo…

So open windows it is, a change of scenery and my visiting sister Nicole has adorned my walls of bits of home and scents of divine Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb hand cream and other niceties. She may have taken a liking to her own of my supply of Maggi Two Minute Noodles, but it’s a good thing she likes only the churchen chicken flavour that contains no churchen chicken at all.

After lunch my nursing staff came in, I have no idea what they’re saying but they’re great kind and professional and don’t get cranky. I really do try to be a good patient.

A couple of litres of fluid, some chemo, some other stuff and a quick needle in the gut and i’m on my way, This bloody buggery MS is getting fooked.

This’ll be the routine for the next few days and I’ve *touch wood* been feeling great with no signs of nausea, pain, swelling, illness, or any of that jazz. It’s not even like i have to spare your sensitivities.

The process took a good four to five hours when all said and done and I did manage to keep myself *nice*, post HSCTers will know what I mean and all was find with the world.

I had a small meal, chicken and rice for dinner but I do hate to disappoint the dear lunch ladies. Just a word of warning, boiled apples do not travel well in the cistern, and neither do the heavy breads. Just break ‘em up. It’s kind of like I fell like i’m 1/2 bulimic, but not.

So thanks Mum for letting the air in and rubbing in some simple but lovely hand lotion, it made today what it was.

A good day.


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