Some Moll stole my spoon

Dec 13, 2014

Day #15 (I think. I think I missed one).

I’d like to start this post all settled in to catch you up on what’s been happening here in Moscow in my HSCT bubble, but as I snaffled my Movenpick wish Chocolate Ice Cream from my stash, I discovered some Moll stole my spoon

If that’s the worse thing that can happen, I’ll ride it out and persist. There are other spoons, just not my favoured blue spoon bought from Big W.

A brief update, the wicked MS cells that I like to say ravaged, but they hadn’t really taken over YET are dead. Hurrah. 4 Days of chemo and excellent care by the team at the AA Department of Haematology and Cellular Therapy, National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre, Moscow, Russia.

I was a bit lot anxious going into the process, no operating theatre to be seen, just clean and sterile bedside with the best hands in the business next to me. It’s an infusion of stem cells after all not a graphic limb to limb sort of transplant. Good to know.

Dr. Fedorenko presented me with my specially preserved and treated cells that had been stored in dry ice and they were ready to be mine again after a little thawing of course.

Dr. Nikolai was also on hand to assist.

Not that I am a regular church going catholic these days, but you can bet your bottom dollar I had the rosary beads blessed by the pope and some Lourdes water near by. Can’t hurt right.

Many people are anxious over the process, but I focused on breathing and relating any sensations. A slight heavy chest and a cough or two through an oxygen mask and that was it.

They’re IN!!
Stem cells arriving

Stemmies do your thing.

I rested for some time, I guess it’s quite an ordeal and you don’t want your McFlurry mixed up with your Sundae etc…

Anyhoo, I rested a bit and now I’m one of a set of Quads!! It was the first time a quad transplant had been done in the ward to date and will be the last one this year. The other news with that is that I’m no longer the BABY!! I was quad #2. Awww.

We had a ceremony, such heartfelt works were said of encouragement and team effort.

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