Strawberry shortcake

Feb 9, 2015

Day +61 (61 days since my transplant)

I don’t think I really covered what it was like when I left Moscow and the care of Dr. Fedorenko and his team December 24, 2015 at 11:50pm.

While Moscow was very good to me and has given me another chance, my sister Kate and I were happy to be headed home.

I had all of the emotions, all of the day.

Happy, scared, nervous, excited and whatever else came to mind at the time.

All in all an amazing and humbling experience for which I will be forever grateful.

The flight home via Dubai was long, but looking back went quickly. I was masked up for the duration of the flight and when going through the airports. Sanitising wipes were on hand and seats and bathroom facilities, table trays and armrests and all the things were wiped. Often.

It’s all glamour when you have a depleted immune system.

Although I had wheelchair assist to for the journey, I left the chair just before I exited the arrivals doors to see the rest of my family waiting for me.

Again, all of the emotions

The following 3 weeks were spent at Mum and Dad’s allowing me sleep, eat and indulge in some TLC.

I’ve now seen my Hematologist a couple of times and continue to receive good reports. The only thing that’s changed is that my Vitamin D is down which isn’t surprising since I’m not allowed out into direct sunlight so 1,000mg twice a day it is.

When I returned felt surprisingly well after a good sleep, and was up and about each day and would do a little exercise, stairs and short walks just to keep moving and was happy to have some friends visit that were HAZMAT certified come and visit.

I had a bit of a ‘crash’ but it only lasted a day. I’m anticipating it may happen again but my fingers and toes are crossed.

I’ve moved home, and have been reunited with Wynnie the Schnauzer.

I cried, she wagged her tail. Same same.

There’s no place like home and your own stuff. I organized home delivery for my groceries and a cleaner to come in once a fortnight to give my home a decent clean.

I’m managing to take care of day to day stuff and now with the approval of my Hematologist I’m able to run short errands as long as I’m careful and have hand sanitizer with me etc.

I’ve also started back at the gym a few times a week just to rebuild some strength and endurance. So far, so good. I’m going to the one at my office, less germy than a public gym though I still wipe down any equipment that I use.

It’s a long road this recovery one, but I’m happy to report that so far I’ve noticed some relief from my MS symptoms making it all worthwhile. Some of these improvements may stay, some may go some may come and go and I just have to go with it. After 1-2 years the final results will be determined. I’m hopeful.


  • Walking
  • Balance
  • Cognitive Function
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Fatigue

I’m not complaining.

Oh, I’m not a fan of my bald melon head, so I’ve become a fan of the scarf and or wig when I’m out and about. YouTube has an amazing array of tutorials on how to tie scarves, just FYI.

Finally (for now), my hair is growing back. Slowly, but it is.


WTF? It’s not brown, not blonde, and not grey but strawberry blonde? It’s only a couple of millimeters long short at the moment, but from a few independent sources they all concur that it’s strawberry blonde.

Oh well, it’s better than having MS.

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