Struggle Street

Oct 29, 2014

Last week I spent some time on Struggle Street.

I was snappish and sad and angry at everthing and pretty much everyone and not for any particular reason.

In particular I was sick of thinking about HSCT, talking about HSCT and counting down the days

It’s also an MS thing, brain affected congnitive function they call it.

I overthink and it all becomes too much. Ugh.

I know it, I can feel it and there’s not much I can do with it but to go along for the ride until it passes.

My poor dietician pretty much took the brunt of it, 3:30pm appointment  and aside from the snappishness, I was also hangry (hungry and angry). She had no hope.

I was worried about logistics at the airport and my Russian Visa being ready, but they’re both sorted now and my visa is scheduled to be ready on November 8th.

This week I’m much better, focused and ticking things off my list.

  • I’m 11.2kgs down (24lbs) so I’m fitter and stronger and ready for what’s to come.
  • Medical Certificate from my Haematologist received to keep everything above board + show I’m not faking it.
  • Dog Sitter + Plan B House Sitter is now on board.
  • Portable Hard Drive + Travel Adapter purchased.

I had a fab weekend with my school friend Kristen, we don’t see each other very often and she was passing through town so stayed over, drank bubbles, chatted away and went out for a fab dinner. Anyone say White Italian Truffle + Mushroom Risotto. Yum!!

I’ve been getting things sorted at work ready for hand over too. Random documents in places only I know are being transferred into proper files and into Dropbox so people can actually find them.

Why everyone doesn’t just think like me, I’ll never know.

I also received a lovely gift in the mail. Friend of a friend that I only met at a bbq once remembered that I was heading off soon, so sent me a care parcel. So thoughtful. Thanks Von. People are nice.

This week I’ve also been encouraged by the results of Natalie, who’s literally on her way home after completing treatment in Moscow and Brett who’s been back home for 11 weeks and kicking goals.

They’ve done what’s asked of them, and what’s needed and ticked all the boxes I just need to follow their lead.

Next week is my final appointment with my Neurologist. While not an advocate for HSCT she is supportive. I hope she’ll agree to a final MRI so that we can compare ‘before and after’ images when I get back.

22 days and counting.

J x

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