Swim Stemmies, swim

Dec 9, 2014

Day 9

Today was a long day.

It started with an uncomfortable sleep, no pain just weird having a couple of tubes sticking out your neck.
With the help of some drugs, I got some sleep albeit form the beauty component.

Woke early at about 7 as I was informed that the apheresis machine would be coming into do it’s thing. Some how over a 5 hour period it pumps the blood volume of your body through the machine twice and separates out the stem cells. Clever huh.

While I lay there the nursing staff took care of it and me and there were no hitches. That is aside from a random monitor going off, but with a press of the buzzer and some immediate attention my line was changed without incident.

The most uncomfortable part of the day was the unknown. For 70% of patient’s it takes 2 days to harvest 2 million stem cells, some patients even 3 days. I got the short straw and my results were in and I hit the 2 million in one day. Hurrah. Neck lines out and a decent sleep tonight.

In other news, Nicole (my sister arrived from Brisbane today) she’s settling down at her hotel for the night before coming to see me tomorrow. It”ll be our last free day before chemo starts to knock out those bloody MS components that stick around my T cells.

In celebration of today’s events I may have also broken open a packet of Tim Tams intended for the nurses, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

A little socialising with other patients again but mainly rest. Even though the machine did the actual work, I found pretty draining.

A few Skype calls and messages to share my good news, and I’m done for today. Thank you also to those that have sent emails, of love and support and just thinking of you. They’re all appreciated.

A good day,


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