The Final Countdown

Nov 6, 2014

The final countdown is on.

Dr. Fedorenko stopped by mid morning to check on me and to confirm that only the 2 tests would be performed today and that he would come by tomorrow *for discussion*.

The *discussion* is when he meets with me to discuss my MS diagnosis, test results from the past few days and ultimately if and when the actual treatment and transplant phase will start.

There’s still a slight risk that I could be rejected from the program, but it’s unlikely.

However, with the thorough nature of the testing and examinations performed here who knows what they could find…

You know how you hear of those people who have a 1000kg tumour and never knew about it…?

Sidenote: Dear Overthinking Head, Shut up. Regards, Me.

The heart test was a simple thorough scan. Easy.

The doctor that performed the eye test this afternoon looked about 12, and her english was quite possibly better than mine.

After a lengthy wait it all seemed to go smoothly, but the final part was little uncomfortable due to some drops but that soon passed and I returned to my room.

Dad came to visit and today brought pizza. Hurrah. It was such a nice alternative to the ox tongue that was served.

I may yet try it as I’m trying most things as I know they’re good for me. I understand from other patients and ex-pats that the key is salt and pepper or a sauce on everything savoury and add sugar or cinnamon to anything that resembles sweet.

I now have 2 favourite nurses. Red Pants and Sophia. I’m still yet to learn Red Pants’ name, but she’s so sweet and always manages a smile. Sophia loves Mikhail my mascot / companion / wombat as her son is called Mikhail.

It’s amazing the wonders a small brown marsupial can make language barriers disappear. Awww….

After all the testing and Dad had left I ventured up to level 3 where they have a little soiree each afternoon. I took juice and chocolate and so was welcomed warmly by Julie.

Back on Level 2 where I’m based I tried to help Jenni with her laptop issue and Kate with a Skype / FaceTime issue. Unfortunately both without much success but I’ll try again tomorrow.

A good day.


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