The Green Light

Nov 6, 2014

Day 4

Let’s just start this post with getting the big news out of the way…

At about 2:00pm today I got the official approval that I can have the HSCT.


It’s hard to believe that I only initially planned to come for testing.

Now let’s back up to the morning…

I woke early at about 6:00am and as breakfast isn’t served until 9:00am, I decided that a chocolate doughnut / eclair thing might tide me over (Dad brought them yesterday). It did.

I also offered one to my roommate, and she declined. Weird.

Anastasia stopped in to see if I was ok, and Dr. Fedorenko too.

Dad arrived at about 10:30am with the intention to see Dr. Fedorenko about 11:00am.

Dr. Fedorenko has a full quota of patients at the moment. The wards consist of 7 (little) Australians and 5 or six other patients. With this load the proposed 11:00am turned into 1:15pm.

I was confident of good news, but you never really know and Dad and I were soon at ease and the 45 minutes spent in Dr. Fedorenko’s office went quickly.

There was so much information given, I’m happy that I recorded our discussion. It’ll be good for me to review and share if required.

Anyhow, the results of my tests from the past few days were discussed thoroughly and individually and everything within a normal range.

I also found out that I’m O+. Good to know.

I have no MS lesions currently active (not a good thing but not a bad thing in regard to the treatment, just a fact) but there’s 15 on my brain and 3 of a considerable size on my spine.

It’s the spinal lesions that are responsible for my spaz walk.

Dr. Fedorenko also explained that it’s spinal lesions that in 100% of cases that will eventually develop into a more progressive form of MS and therefore more debilitating etc. It could take 10 – 15 years but it would happen, but not now.

I’m a good candidate and he sees a 80-85% chance of my current symptoms either diminishing or disappearing.

Dr. Fedorenko believes in treating both the disease and the patient, so customises his approach to suit the individual.

He is also a firm believer that the treatment process is a 50/50 partnership between he and his team what he and his team do, and me and my team.

He also believes that attitude and positivity are key to a successful transplant and result.

I can do that, but I might need some help along the way.

So. It all starts tomorrow… Friday, November 28 2014.

A brilliant day.


ps: Today also marked Julie’s new birthday. Her stem cells were transplanted this afternoon. Dad and I masked up and ventured to the 3rd floor to take part in the celebration. Congratulations Julie. xo

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