The longest of days and the greatest of days

Dec 11, 2014

Day #13

It’s not very often you get to celebrate an entire new birthday.
Today I did.

This’ll jus be a synopsis, as I’m pretty tired from everything that’s happened.
I promise more details and pictures at some point tomorrow.

It was a busy day, may not seem like much. But it was.

My morning started early as I had to pack to move to my *ahaem* penthouse room. Like a penththouse, but technically just another floor up. Its more equipped for the transplantation theatre / room and will easily convert into my isolation room when required. I’m not isolated yet, that all depends on blood counts and the nitty gritty stuff.

Shortly after lunch I moved and made myself at home with banners, photos and tokens of things that I’d brought with me so I know I was surrounded by love. I was. Only one small melt down when I couln’dt find my favourite photo of Mum and Dad that I’d brought with me, but as it be next to a few special items and inside a book it appeared. Might have had something to do with a pair of rosary beads lying next to it. Catholic born and bread, but not regularly practicing it still comes through.

The timing was great and all hands were on deck, monitors into place, and professionalism i full swing.

The process was probably no more than 30 minutes long, and I endured it well. Breathed in and out, remained conscious and felt some warming across the chest “all perfectly normal’. Then that was it.

A rest, some blood pressure checks and a PARTY with my other new Aussie quadruplets. Even though I have my own family there will be a unique bond between the others that went through this with me today. I’m Quad #2, not that baby of this family.

It’s now time for us to look after ourselves, do as our body says and let the magic work of Dr. Fedorenko and his team monitor and provide the best possible outlook and outcome together, as a team. I’m in.

As I said, today is done and I’ll addd some more nitty grrity (maybe tomorrow).
Thanks for your love and support, near or far, virtual or real – it all matters.

A great day,

FJS xoxo

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