The one time I didn’t procrastinate

Dec 8, 2014

So I’m a bit of a procrastinator by nature, it’s a fact.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that’s true. I’m not being a debbie downer.

I get stuff done and love doing stuff for other people, I like being useful and helpful. I’m just not great at doing stuff for myself.

However 10 months ago TODAY I did something for myself and  sent an email to Dr. Fedorenko to be considered as part of his program to halt the progression of my Multiple Sclerosis.

I’d watched Kristy Cruise on 60 Minutes earlier in the year, and done all the woe is me, I’m not “that bad”, “That’s Rubbish”, “Why would you go to Russia” blah blah blah… “The Australian Health System is so fab”… “I’ve got an amazing family that would kindly take this fucked disease off my shoulders and burden themselves with it…, “I live and work independently etc… so why should I bother with an email right?”

So I sent this email:

I remember wording it simply in simple english, not to confuse my purpose or to complicate the language barrier anymore than absolutely necessary.

And I got a response, promptly (I can’t recall the time frame but it didn’t take long) but I was due in Moscow for the testing and evaluation. Aside from a procrastinator, I can be a cautious the and don’t want to rush these thing. However, these things change and my number came up and I’m now having the whole treatment.

I didn’t ask, it just must have been my time.

So here I am today getting shit done. I hate the term Warrior, some love and embrace the term, it just doesn’t flick my switch.

Day 3 of Chemo is almost complete – final flush now and I’ll be calling it a day.

Those MS stoopid cells are going DOWN.  And with all the saline flushes after the chemo they certainly are headed that way.

I was honestly  anxious about Day #3 of chemo, I’d heard a number of things but I’ve tried to be a good patient and eat (mostly) what they say and rest when required.

Your gizzards are paramount too and there’s a plethora, but not too many given routinely to protect your organs from the battering it’s receiving from the inside.

Dr. F and his team are very conscious that the patient has to be comfortable too and there are always staff on hand if and when required. Mostly I keep to myself and Nicole is here for constant support and treats too, which is a comfort aside when she eats most of them.

Today she also found a Russian version of Aldi to dress my room for Christmas. Festive.

This afternoon there was also a bi-annual gathering in which i guess was the staff room. Staff and past patients attended and I was fortunate to meet or exchange glances with a few of the original pioneers who look a zillion roubles if you know what I mean.

They’re happy living full lives without any visual impediment (I’m not sure how they were before) and one had recently had a baby. It was a warm and welcoming environment and Anastasia and Dr. Fedorenko are so proud of their work and like to share the good times too. All attendees also received an Iris – New Life Desk Calendar too.

It was also time to farewell Julie who’s now completed treatment and is on her way back to her fabulous Michael and adoring boys.  With a jab in the bum and a hug, a file of paperwork she too is onto her new life to be the woman, mother and friend that she knows she can and wants to be.

Tomorrow holds one more day of chemo for me – MS then you’re….

A good day.


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